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wa quan (Living with Shame)



There is a small town with a 20 history of dismantling and decomposing metal scraps. More than 50,000 workers from other places are the main force behind the industry. They have no knowledge, but nevertheless are performing the miracle of turning stones into gold in their own original way. They work all out to purchase their dreams,even at the cost of their health,life and future. They made a lot of money, much more than they could have during an entire lifetime in their hometown, but it has taken a heavy toll on them.



Documentary : Living with Shame (See below)
Documentary: Liufei’s Summer Holidays selected for the 4th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, the 6th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2008,EBS International Documentary Festival 2008,11th annual One World festival,International Short Film Festival "Actúa" short film,screening at the 11th Seoul International Youth Film Festival,the program of the XXII Pärnu International Film Festival,won 2007 Shanghai Viewing JVF Festival Award.
Documentary :Tongmen Diary
2008 The 30th Tokyo International Video Festival outstanding Award
Screening / Award history:
The film “Living with Shame”selected for Madrid international documentary film festival 2008 documentary reporting competition, the Official Competition of MiradasDoc 2008, the 6th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2008 as a part of the International Competition section,the GFFIS 2009 Green Competition Section,the Competitive Screening of the 11th FICA 2009,screening at the 10th anniversary of Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival.won The 4th edition of the “Green Wave – 21st Century” European Environment Festival The Stork Nest Grand Prix, won the award for the best director in the category of ecology for the film "Living with shame" of International TV Festival Bar Montenegro 2008,Won the Jury Prize for Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2008, won the“EARTH VISION”award of EARTH VISION the 17th Tokyo Global Environmental FilmFestival,won the best short Documentary film in the 14th International Ecological and Nature Film Festival of the Canary Islands.

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Very gripping. It is odd for me to think that someone can be considered an immigrant in their own country. Horrible to think what those people are doing to their health. But if metal stripping were outlawed outright, how would these people make a living? By their own admission it is their only alternative to sub-subsistence farming.I hope their children appreciate their efforts.

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