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A letter to Geldof



Rock star Bob Geldof visited Ghana for his TV series Geldof in Africa and wrote about it in an accompanying book, describing his crowning as the ‘Chief of Development’ in a town called Ajumako-Bisease. This documentary follows in Geldof’s footsteps and finds a town still waiting to hear from him. When Geldof agreed to be their Chief of Development, the community had high hopes that Bob would help develop their town. He stayed in the Chief’s house, accepted their crown and discussed their needs. The town cleared a plot of land anticipating Bob’s help to fund a new marketplace, but now the weeds have grown back and the disappointment is palpable.
A letter to Geldof is a timely reflection on the meaning of promises, the role of celebrity, and the true impact of “awareness campaigns” that leave those we are meant to better understand with nothing but shattered dreams.


United Kingdom
As originator and director of much-commented-upon charity WORLDwrite, Ceri toured young people across the globe, from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to Hiroshima, Japan. Ceri moved into film 7 years ago, and established an award winning film facility for the charity, providing free film training for young people and recently an online news channel. Ceri has directed seven documentaries including the Pricking Missionary Position Series, which challenges Western prescriptions for our peers in the poorest parts of the world. The films she has directed including ‘Flush it’ are all truly collaborative affairs involving many volunteers.
Screening / Award history:
Films created by Ceri and the team at WORLDwrite have been screened at various venues from The Battle of Ideas festival at London's Royal College of Art to The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation and Cinema; films have won numerous accolades for their energy and spirit.

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2010-04-05 10:44:36

Good work. It might happen everywhere in the third world. Local people are tired of expecting for foreign aids. We should be careful to involve local people. We are easy to make proposals to help local people to get a project budget etc., but think twice!

2010-01-21 18:53:19

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2009-08-06 14:51:15

Thanks, good work.

2009-08-02 02:26:08

respect your work.

2009-07-31 20:56:22