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A father living on his own remembers an event which took place on the night of his 5-
year-old son‘s birthday, exactly one year ago. This fateful night is shown in flashes of memory in
which the father being in a drunken state, tries to prevent what is already happening.



(as director and cinematographer)

2008 Birthday
Director: Andrzej Król
shortmovie, 35mm, 16 min., Production: FH Dortmund, Andrzej Król
Filfestivals: Plus Camerimage 2008 in Student Competition
Max-Ophüls-Preis 2009 in the screening: Sprintreihe „Albtraum“ 3.
PACT Zollverein – (Essen) ATELIER 2009 - Experimental Platform for the Arts
Festival Cinerail 2009 - Paris, in international Competition
32. Grenzland-Filmtage – Selb, in shortfilm competition
21st Filmfest Dresden - in national competition
Cellu l´art - Jena, in international competition
55. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen in NRW competition
19. filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in shortfilm competition

2008 Jambo
Director: Andrzej Król, Driss Azhari, Erik Wittbusch, Andy Michaelis
shortmovie, HDV, 3 min., Production: FH Dortmund

2006 Die Kneipe
Director: Andrzej Król, Gabriel Gauchet,
35mm, Cinemascope, 10 min., Production: FH Dortmund
Awards: Special Jury Mention “BMW Group Supporting Award for Editing 2006“
Special Jury Mention “Festival Int. Du Court Métrage 2007 Clermont Ferrand”
Nominated for „17. Deutscher Kamerapreis 2007, in Category: Editing
Best Editing “International Youth Short Film Festival Sesily 2007“
Jean-Thevenot-Medal „Alpinale Filmfestival Nenzing, Austria“
Mention for formal and aesthetic resarch „Circuito Off Venice - Short Film Festival“
Filmfestivals: about 40 festival presentations worldwide, see:

2003 Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst
Director: Andrzej Król, Jonas Dickmeis, Chris Calimann
advertising, 35 mm, 3 min., Dortmund-Project, FH Dortmund

2002 Tanzcompagnie Flamencos en Route
Director: Andrzej Król
documentary, DV-Cam, 30 min., FH Dortmund

2001 to feel the spirit of Russia
Director: Andrzej Król & Dariusz Deberny
documentary, DV-Cam, 31 min., Production: Andrzej Król & Dariusz Deberny

(as cinematographer)

2008 Clicking Love (combined project)
Directors: Sylvia Bussmann, Neshe Demir, Barbara Kurzaj, Eugène Dyson, Florent
Pallares, HD, ca. 90 min., Production: FilmSpringOpen 2008

2008 Im Verhör Director: Bogdana Lorenz
shortmovie, mini35, 11 min., Production: ifs internationale filmschule köln gmbh

2007 Hail The Big Boy Director: Christian von Brockhausen
musicvideo, HDV, 4 min., Production: Mate in Germany

2007 Baltic Soul Weekender Director: Christian v. Brockhausen
Dokumentary, DV, 12 min., Production: Christian v. Brockhausen, Andrzej Król

2007 The Korean Director: Tohmas Dixon
feature movie, HD, 100 min., Production, The Korean The Movie LLC

2006 Mewlüd Director: Nira Bozkurt-Gombac
shortmovie, DVCPro-HD, 26 min., Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2006 El Arierro Director: Silke Albrecht
documentary, MiniDV, 10 min., degree at the Escuela International de
Cine y Television, Havana - Cuba and Academy of Media Arts, Cologne – Germany

2006 Taktloss Director: Philipp Ostmann
musicclip, 16mm, HDV, 4 min., Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2006 ZEITräume Director: Friedrich Schönig
dance movie - Experimental, 16mm, BetaSX, Production: FH Dortmund

2005 New York Video Director: Christian von Brockhausen
feature movie, feature film, HDV, 90 min., FH Dortmund

2005 Made in Chatanga Director: Béatrice Klein,
shortmovie, Beta SP, 8 min, FH Dortmund

2004 Mindestens haltbar Director: Anna Schwingenschuh
shortmovie, 16 mm, 34 min,. Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2004 Böse Director: Martin Roelly
shortmovie, 16 mm, 22 min., Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2004 KuckucksWorld Director: Nira Bozkurt
shortmovie, mini 35, 21 min., Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2003 Fern von dem Director: Stefan Westerwelle
shortmovie, 16 mm, 11 min., Production: Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2002 Dämmerung Director: Celia Strauss
shortmovie, DV-Cam, Production: HfG Düsseldorf

2001 Lillys Zimmer Director: Ingo Stein
shortmovie, DV-Cam, Production: HfG Düsseldorf

2001 Pumakäfig Director: Götz Schauder
shortmovie, 16 mm, Production: FH Dortmund
Screening / Award history:

1. Plus Camerimage - XVI International Filmfestival of Cinematography 2008 (Lodz, Poland)
in Student Etudes Competition

2. 30. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2009 (Saarbrücken, Germany)
in shortfirmprogram "Albtraum" (Nightmare)

3. PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany)
ATELIER - Experimental Platform for the Arts

4. Festival Cinerail 2009 (Paris, France)
in Fiction Programme 5 of the International Competition

5. 32. Grenzland-Filmtage (Selb, Germany)
in shortfilm competition

6. 21st Filmfest (Dresden, Germany)
in national competition

7. Cellu l´art - Jena, Germany
in international competition

8. 55. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
in NRW competition

9. 19. filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
in shortfilm competition

7 people voted

2009-09-21 07:05:12

great movie. it captures all the upcoming emotions in perfect shots.

2009-09-17 04:45:06

Great Movie! Great Cinematography! This one should WIN!!! All the best to the director & Good Luck!

2009-09-16 22:12:46


2009-09-16 06:38:08

Very god film.

2009-09-16 00:31:27

Great movie!

2009-09-14 09:35:16

Intelligent observation of the emotional landscape of a family living on the edge. Król's Cinematography hits you beyond consciousness. Just great.

2009-09-14 01:35:26

Impressioning film, that will stay in your mind. Without words it takes our eyes to some difficult situations of human relations. Great photography. Thanks

2009-09-12 04:36:42