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Once Upon a Time a King



Anyone who's right is wrong, and anyone who's wrong is right... This stylish cinematographic production portrays a scene from the ordinary, somewhat banal lives of a man and a woman amidst an aria from a Mozart opera. Bravo!



Massimiliano Mauceri was born in Florence, Italy in 1974, received his middle school diploma in 1993, and in 1994 earned his Direction Diploma from the Laboratory of Cinematography in Florence. In 1994 he wrote and directed his first short film, which won six awards. Since 1995 he has completed more than 20 works involving direction, editing and takes in advertising and video. In 2003 he wrote and directed the short film "Once Upon a Time a King" which has won 28 awards, 10 of which were first prizes. To date he has produced, as director and scriptwriter, eight short films and has won 50 awards from both national and international film festivals, and 16 of these were first prize awards.
Professional Experience: Assistant director, feature films "Wash and Dry" by M. Della Fonte, "Compagno Che Sei Nei Cieli" by G. ferlito, spots and videoclips. Assistant in an acting course at the film school Immagine in Florence. Taught one-year course in direction at the film school Immagine in Florence. Wrote for the newspaper Interpuntonet about cinema (three years). Advertising spots: over 20 which include direction, editing and shots Films: "La fantasia e solo una bugia (Fantasy Is Only a Lie)" 6', BVU, 1994; "Twist (Twist)" 10', BVU, 1995; "Un anno dopo (One Year Later)" 1', betacam, 1997; "Uomini in coda (Men In Queue)" 8', super8, 1997; "La scacchiera (The Chessboard)" 16', 16mm, 1999; "C'era una volta un re (Once Upon A Time A King)"10', 35mm, 2003.

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2005-07-29 01:08:10

cold like advertising

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2005-07-29 00:36:53

poor Mozart

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2005-07-28 02:42:14

In the beginning it was very boring to watch for me, but after the twist, it's actually quite good..

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2005-07-15 17:42:32

Found it very poor, filmmakingwise.