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Parental guidance suggested; It contains violent and/or explicit sexual scenes



A young man arrives for dinner at the house of a middle aged couple. From the moment he walks through the door, the air is thick with tension. Conversation is hard work. What's going on?



Tom Geens was born in Belgiuma and earned a degree in economics. After completing postgraduate work in theater studies, he moved to London in 1993 and worked at an advertising agency in a creative capacity for six years. During this time he was studying in a two-year drama course in London, which led to an interest in directing. He attended many master's classes at Raindance, London (under Dov Simmens, Patrick Tucker, John Truby, Elliot Grove, Simon Hunter, and Mike Figgis). To date Mr. Geens has shot eight short films, done 80 comedy sketches and produced lots of ads. He also does commercials and promos through for films in London and Pix in Brussels.
Filmography: 2005: Shame writer/director 2005: Wrong writer/director 2004: The Hand writer/director 2003: Prices Vary writer/director 2003: Please writer/director 2002: Show Me London! co-writer/co-director 2001: Together For Fifty Years writer/director 2001: TV: Sjickensjit writer/director 2000: Tonight's the Night writer/director 2000: Death of A Date writer/director 1999: Man Talking to Strangers co-writer 1999: Etiquette writer/director 1999: Fifteen Foot Square writer/director 1998: That Day writer

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2005-07-31 09:32:43

it mad me sad

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2005-07-31 03:01:12

Well shot, nice lighting etc. The idea was very predictable, could tell from the moment he walked through the door what was going to happen. It's an old idea and was done better, and was much funnier, in Alan Partridge. The pacing let this film down immensely. Once the tense atmosphere had been established the film should have moved on but didn't. The scenes are over-long, like in the living room. More importantly, why did we have to watch them undress in slo mo? This was unnecessary, and again only served the purpose of slowing the pace. Despite being British (not that that should have any bearing) this did not appeal to my sense of humour. The film was missing a climax and didn't really go anywhere, it felt as though there should have been more, though whether or not I could have endured it is another question.

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2005-07-29 03:36:59

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2005-07-29 00:49:39

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2005-07-26 12:47:50


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2005-07-10 15:07:00

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2005-07-03 03:28:24


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2005-06-22 11:20:23


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2005-06-19 22:54:23


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2005-06-09 15:46:17

no good.