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Das Ende

Parental guidance suggested; It contains violent and/or explicit sexual scenes



The "Das Ende" video installation serves as a reminder of the occult in art, and modern art in particular. The directors' note: The images have evolved from temporal portrayals of gods and symbols. Initially, magic preceded art; now art has become independent, having been separated from magic. The transmission of information and formation of traditional art forms enter new horizons of visual language as suited to modern times. The purpose of this installation is to interpret tragedies in the bible. Stages of unwritten virtual ballet appear to the viewer in modernist aesthetics. The dancer in a context of mystical surroundings is connected to priestly functions of sacred rituals, rather than erotic. Tanatos and Eros are a battlefield of human consciousness. The image of the Priestess - the heroine - symbolizes chaos as the best form of harmony where there are no rules. There is just amorphous flickering sliced by beams of mysticism - without a political or social center. Mimicking ballet language releases images from the limits of decorative pictures, and innovative technology enriches a centuries-old tradition.



Anton Galin believes that spheres of activity are extensions of traditional forms of expression that have branched into contemporary, synthetic aspects of art.
Russian Federation
Katy Angel: Video Project d'Allergie: Multi Media Liebe und Industrie: Intructive Animation

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何やねんこれ!? 俺こう言う宗教的なん嫌いなんやけど・・・。

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2005-06-20 05:48:09

生を美と絡めて美しく描きそれを後の方で壊す 、驚きましたが、骸骨が何を意味するものなの かを考えて見ました。聖書と絡めて書くのは、 日本人には受け入れにくいものが有りますよ。 聖書の風刺なのでしょうかね。ビデオにする と余り動きが無いようなので、絵画で表現するといい内容なのじゃないですかね。僕的には。 美しさと滅びを同時に評価するのは難しいです。

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Simply out of the catogry of short film, i would call it video art. I have my own interprtation of the film. I think the flower represents the life which comes out from the belly of woman and skull in the end represent the death or the ultimate truth. The life goes through many twists and growing nakedness shows the growing understanding of the truth. I just loved the film. Message for director my email id is, pls get in touch i want to discuss about your film.