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Dangerous Animal



Taboo! Down in the oasis in a wooden box, as the Bedouins tell it, is a dangerous animal. Superstition, the tourist says that they must catch it anyway! At a whoop and a holler of the locals, the tourist offers a solution by a hand grenade. And, fate takes its course....



Thomas Frick was born in Rostock, Germany, in 1962. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, and is Director of "Konrad Wolf" at the The Film & Television Academy (HFF) in Brandenburg. He currently resides in Potsdam and Berlin, Germany.
1995: "Abschied von Deutschland" (Good Bye from Germany) 90-min documentary; "Silicon Studio" trailer"; "Deutsche Welle" TV line producer, 1996/97: "Gute Zeiten-Schlechte Zeiten" (Good Times-Bad Times) 19-min Digital; GRUNDY-UFA for RTL Television, youth film-project; "Heimat," ORB-Scriptwriting-Award. 1997: "Do Swidanja Deutschland" (Good Bye Deutschland) documentary, 60-min. 1998: TV-script "Der Erlkonig"; directing and writing commercials for MCPAPER, DANONE, RED CROSS, GWS and others; "Nothing compares to you" with FILMHAUS Berlin, music-video with "Acoustica." 2000: "Roll Out IT 2000" 3 image films for DEUTSCHE TELEKOM; "Emmerich" 35mm short; "Grunes Licht" (Green Light) 35mm short; "Spirit of Europe" youth film-project, trailer and presentation; "Bei Anruf Zahler" image film for AQUAMESS; "Ich spiel da nicht mit" music-video. 2001: "Detective Lovelorn und die Rache des Pharao" (Detective Lovelorn and the revenge of the pharaoh) 90-min, 35mm; "Alpha Team" weekly TV-series for MULTIMEDIA and SAT. 1-TV; "Senioren-PC" commercial. 2002: "Detective Lovelorn" screening at the BERLINALE FILM FESTIVAL; "Altersvorsorge" and "Der Kus," 2 commercials. 2003: "Pomerania," documentary. 2004: "Jugendliche auf der Suche nach Europa"documentary, 18-min DVD. 2005: "Dangerous Animal" short film.

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2005-08-01 02:13:14

There are better shorts down the list.

2005-07-31 15:47:00

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2005-07-31 10:25:01

What the... !

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2005-07-31 10:23:34

is ja der hAMMER; GRATULIERE TOM!!!!

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2005-07-31 10:02:19

Bad ! I don't like ...

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2005-07-31 09:59:05

Works 100%, cheap made but with character, good!

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2005-07-31 09:26:08

Whopw, that was great, I laught a to, the main actor is a grenade but the bedouin is even better! Thumb up!

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2005-07-31 09:04:32