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When Grandma-Maaa, a cute, delusional pensioner experiences intense nightmares and hallucinations about her two most feared things, spiders and telephones, a potential cure to her fears presents itself on the TV. “Hyper Therapy” has the answer to her phobias. But at what cost? A disturbing, frantic, and twisted cautionary tale using high impact, in-your-face, 3D-computer-graphic visuals and accompanied by some of the best unsigned UK rock music around. Remember, fear is there for a reason!
Carlos is a drug dealer who must cope with his rebellious son, a persistent fly and a SWAT Police team -- all at the same time. His only weapon is his old gun... and a fly swatter.



Matt Burn recently graduated with a degree in Animation & Illustration with top honors from Southampton Institute, UK. During his time there, he studied all aspects of traditional animation theory, ultimately specializing in 3D computer graphics imaging. He used 3DS Max 5/6 as well as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere to create this graduation thesis.
United Kingdom
Not one to tolerate an indifferent audience, Matt Burn tries to arouse thought and reaction in viewers, entertaining them with interesting and sometimes twisted narratives. He is currently living in Nottingham, England, and pursuing a successful career in the film/broadcast animation industry. In his "spare" time, Matt also works on short film and music video freelance projects to hone his animation skills.

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creasy stuff

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did not understand...

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? h醇B?

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what is this?

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2005-07-24 13:30:47

Need work, is linear and poor in graphic image.

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2005-07-13 20:08:32

much to nut but no story