Watch Locally, Think Globally


Masahiro Yoshino CON-CAN Movie Festival Chairman

Masahiro Yoshino
CON-CAN Movie Festival Chairman

It has been 5 years since our 1st festival and we are fully blessed to be able to present all of you with the 7th CON-CAN Movie Festival this year. While only 151 movies were submitted for the 1st festival, we now receive more than 600 unique and creative submissions each year. Also, the number of participating countries has grown to more than 50 since the 3rd festival, making CON-CAN a full blown international movie festival. In addition to the growing popularity of short movies, this growth has been achieved by the support from participating directors, our CON-CAN fans who watch and comment on the movies, and the multiple companies and associations that cooperate with us. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support.

“The world is one big family” is our key principle here at the CON-CAN Movie Festival. Unfortunately, the world, at its current state, is far from being one peaceful family. International issues such as terrorism, ethnic conflicts, starvation, and epidemics haunt us constantly. We introduce the voices of creators from all around the globe in order to increase awareness considering such issues throughout the worldwide audience. As a result, hopefully bringing people from different backgrounds together. In addition, to fulfill our global role, we will be working with organizations and professionals from North & South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa We will continue to try our best in contributing to the peace and harmony that exists among the world.

Lastly, we promise to deliver high quality short films that possess a strong message once again this year. We are confident that all of you will enjoy the 7th CON-CAN Movie Festival and please don’t forget to “Watch Globally, Think Locally”.

Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts.


July 2010