Watch Locally, Think Globally



The initial CON-CAN logo was created in January 2005 by a famous master calligrapher, Yuki Shirai, who studied under Suihou Kuwahara (one of the founding fathers of modern Japanese calligraphic art). Yuki Shirai designed the two Chinese characters CON(魂) and CAN(観) with a powerful yet gentle touch that is striking to the human eye. In our name “CON-CAN”, the CON(魂) stands for soul and CAN(観) is watching with true appreciation. The CON-CAN Movie Festival has used this logo for over three years and going forward, this masterpiece will be retained and used as appropriate to portray our mission to provide media that connect people soul-to-soul around the globe.


The Global Arch of CON-CAN.
To mark a new international beginning for the CON-CAN Movie Festival, this new logo has been designed by Joon-Shik Lee, a well-renowned art director that deals mainly in brand design development for global and domestic companies in Japan. The new logo uses English, to communicate more effectively with the global audience of CON-CAN. The sophisticated original Roman typography combined with the color gold represents the prestige of the movie festival. The golden arch design represents the surface of our earth. Its simple design yet distinguished elegance can be related by all, regardless of age, gender, or culture. This logo promotes a strong global image for CON-CAN and portrays our passion to support film-lovers and film-makers around the world.